US-China Intellectual Property Association

♦   Promote intellectual property development, protection, financing and trading services in China and the United States;

♦   Build a bridge between the business community and the public to communicate intellectual property matters with the Chinese and US governments, and actively reflect the industry’s relevant intellectual property claims.

The US-China Intellectual Property Association is composed of the Executive Committee of the US-China Business Association and intellectual property experts.
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♦   Assist in the registration of intellectual property rights

♦   Acting for trademark applications, copyrights, software registration, new product design registration, and patent applications

♦   Provide intellectual property assessment services ([ read more )

♦   Investigate violations and assist in counterfeiting

♦   Have an international network, work with industry organizations, associations, and law enforcement agencies to combat all types of infringing activities ([ Read more ]

♦   Promote intellectual property transactions

♦   Providing financing services for enterprises with intellectual property projects

♦   Intellectual property certification and asset portfolio services, including the listing of intellectual property rights and the certification of intellectual property assets (   [Read more ]

♦   Patent licensing service

♦   Help companies to purchase patent rights, individuals or companies to issue patent licenses (   [Read more ]

♦   Intellectual Property Protection Seminar

♦   Inviting IP experts to organize seminars and forums to establish an intellectual property mechanism for self-education, protection and development (   Seminar )

♦   Intellectual Property Consulting Service

♦   Access to relevant intellectual property knowledge and advice through experienced IPR individuals

♦   Enjoy US-China Business Association information

♦   Provide contacts and exchanges for people interested in intellectual property and encourage long-term cooperation and development of relevant industries

♦   Provide the latest intellectual property information and data analysis in Central America and the world

♦   Respond to members’ opinions, exchange and provide different intellectual property information to local governments and domestic and foreign organizations.

Membership application
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There are three types of members of the US-China Intellectual Property Association : corporate members
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All individuals ( including inventors , independent creators, etc. ) are welcome to join this association as individual members, and enjoy all the services and privileges of the Association in their own name.

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Member Type * Annual dues
Member companies HKD HKD: $3000
individual member HKD HKD: $1000
Ordinary member free

* All members must be approved by the Association before becoming a full member.

Member Department : 852-35431079 /
Registration Department : 852-23801889 /

US-China Intellectual Property Association   Chapter

Member chapter (on 01/01/2013   The Executive Committee passed the notice of the chapter:
US-China Intellectual Property Association   The conclusion, interpretation and enforcement of the Chapter (hereinafter referred to as “the Chapter”) are based on the principle of not violating the laws of Hong Kong.

Chapter I: General Provisions

Article 1:
The Chinese name of this association is designated as “US-China Intellectual Property Association” ( hereinafter referred to as “the Association” ) , and the English name is set to ” The   US   China   Intellectual   Property   Association ‘ “(referred to as  USCIPA) .

Article 2:
This Council is in accordance with “Hong Kong Law No. 151”   Chapter 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance is registered and “social”   Certificate of registration.

Article 3:
The registered address of this Council is ” Room 703 , 7 /F, Block B , Manulife Financial Centre, 223-231 Wai Yip Street , Kwun Tong, Kowloon .”

Article 4:
The purpose of this association:
4.1   Promote intellectual property development, protection and financing and trading services in the US and China.
4.2    Build a bridge between the business community and the public to communicate intellectual property matters with the Chinese and US governments, and actively reflect the industry’s relevant intellectual property claims.

Chapter II: Members
Article 5:
Anyone who agrees with the purpose of the Association, is willing to abide by this Council and meets the relevant qualifications
Apply to become a member of this association.

Article 6:
Our members are divided into the following three categories:
6.1    Corporate members: All corporate companies are welcome to join this association to become corporate members. The company and its employees can enjoy all the services and benefits of the association.
6.2    Individual Member: All individuals ( including inventors , are welcome)   Independent creators, etc. ) Join this club to become an individual member and enjoy all the services and privileges of the club in your own name.
6.3    Ordinary member :   Once registered, you can become an ordinary member .   Enjoy the latest event information of this club .   Free of charge.
6.4   Corporate members, individual members and ordinary members have no voting rights.

Article 7:
All application for membership must be completed in the specified form and the specified information. The Association reserves the right to accept or reject any person or company to apply for membership.

Article 8:
All applicants accepted by the Association must pay the membership fees or other related fees stipulated by the members of this category before exercising the rights of the members.

Article 9:
Member’s obligations:
9.1   Agree with the purpose of this association.
9.2   Pay dues and other related fees on time.

Article 10:

Member’s rights: Enjoy the services of this club.

Chapter III: Organization
Article 11:
11.1   The Executive Committee is the highest authority.
11.2   The Executive Committee ( hereinafter referred to as the “Executive Committee” ) is the executive and decision-making body. The number of members of the Executive Committee shall not exceed five , including the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general ( may be concurrently chaired by the vice-chairman ) .
11.3   Chairman: Nominated and appointed by the Executive Committee.

Article 12:
12.1   Members of the Executive Committee ( all members of the Executive Board are not paid ) and can accept any allowance related to their duties.
12.2   Members of the Board are subject to the relevant disciplinary rules of this Council.
12.3   All salaried staff of this association may not serve as members of the Executive Committee of this Council.

Chapter IV: Authority
Article 13:
The functions and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are as follows:
13.1   Have the highest authority of the Association, including any suggestions to confirm, veto or amend any resolution of the Board;
13.2   Appointment and removal and supervision of the staff of the Association;
13.3   Pass the conference report and financial report;
13.4   a motion or motion submitted by the Executive Committee;
13.5   Pass the list of permanent honorary committees or auditors of the Association;
13.6   Adopt, amend, and explain the chapter of the Association;
13.7   Formulate annual meeting policies and financial budgets
13.8   Implement the resolutions of this chapter and the general assembly;
13.9   Establish and authorize a working group or committee to perform part of the functions of the Executive Committee;

Chapter V: Meeting
Article 14:
14.1   The Executive Committee meeting, the regular meeting shall be held once a month, convened and presided over by the chairman. At least one week before each meeting, the chairman of the board shall notify the members of the executive committee in writing about the date and agenda of the meeting. The quorum is three. People, including the chairman.
14.2   The special meeting shall be convened for the handling of urgent matters, and shall be convened by the chairman or at least two members of the executive committee, presided over by the chairman, and at least two working days before each meeting, the chairman or the member of the joint committee shall notify each other in writing Committee members on the date and agenda of the meeting, the quorum of the meeting is three people, including the chairman of the Board of Directors.

Article 15:
Except for the revision of this Chapter and the dissolution of this Council, all proposals of the various meetings of the Association shall be valid if the voting is passed by more than one-half of the voting rights;

Chapter VI: Elections and Term of Office
Article 16:
16.1   The Executive Committee election must be established at least two months before the election date. The Executive Committee will establish an “Election Committee” ( hereinafter referred to as the “Election Committee” ) and authorize the Election Committee to handle all matters relating to the election, including Violation of the election rules of this chapter, and arrangements for the election of the Executive Committee to take the oath of office.
16.2   Before the election of the Executive Committee and the oath, the election committee must be unanimously approved by the members of the election committee or jointly approved by the executive committee before the new election committee can be dissolved and re-established.
16.3   After the election of the Executive Committee and the oath, the responsibilities were automatically dissolved.

Article 17:
17.1   Any candidate must sign the election form in person and return the form to the election
17.2   If any candidate violates the election regulations, it can be cancelled by the members of the EC.
Eligibility for election.

Article 18:
18.1. Those who have the most votes in the election are elected as members of the Executive Committee, and those with the same number of votes are dealt with according to the election regulations until the quota of the Executive Committee is filled.
18.2. The position of chairman shall be produced by the members of the elected executive committee within one month.
18.3. The position of Vice-Chairman is also initiated by the members of the elected Executive Committee within one month.

Article 19:
Members of the Executive Board must be elected within one month after their election:
19.1. Holding an oath ceremony
19.2. Hold the first meeting of the Executive Committee and self-negotiate to generate the remaining positions of the Executive Committee

Article 20:
The Executive Committee is elected every four years and the positions of the members of the Executive Committee are re-elected.

Article 21: Vacancy filling
20.1   If a member of the Executive Committee leaves or dies within one month after being elected or sworn, it must be based on the election day.
The counting results are in the order of by-election. If no one is willing to take office, it will be appointed by the remaining members of the Executive Committee.
20.2   If a member of the Executive Committee leaves or dies after one oath, he will be appointed by the remaining members of the Executive Committee.
20.3   If the chairman leaves his post or dies, the vice-chairman will automatically perform his or her position, and the post of vice-president and other positions will be elected by the members of the executive committee.

Chapter VII: Punishment
Article 22:
22.1   All members (including corporate members, individual members and ordinary members) have one of the following acts. After the Executive Committee approves, they may give written warning or condemnation, or suspend their exercise of some or all of their membership rights for up to 2 years:
22.1.a   Violation of this chapter or our disciplinary code;
22.1.b   Without the permission of this Council, any public speech or activity will be carried out in the name of the Association, and the reputation of the Association will be impaired;
22.1.c   He is serving a sentence for committing a crime under the laws of Hong Kong.
22.2   Where to suspend membership during its exercise some or all rights of membership, then there is ac one of the above behavior by the Board through membership would be expelled.

Chapter VIII: Funding
Article 23:
In addition to the fees paid by the members or government-related allowances, the Association can accept donations from outsiders or members, and all lists of donated money or items must be announced on time.

Article 24:
Any financial resources of this Council are limited to the normal expenses of the Association and the handling of the affairs contained in this Chapter, and may not be used for other purposes. All relevant expenditures are verified monthly by the Executive Committee.

Article 25:
25.1. Any check of the expenses of the Association must be signed by the two parties.

Chapter IX   Reveal
Article 26:
26.1. If there is any insufficiency in this chapter, the Executive Committee may adopt an annex. After the attachment is set, it must be notified in writing to all members. The annex includes:
26.1.a   Our Code of Discipline
26.1.b   Our complaint guidelines
26.1.c   Election requirements of this Council ( authorization is determined by the “Election Committee” )
26.2   If the chapter is to be added, deleted or modified, it must be reviewed by the Executive Committee. After the adoption, it must submit the relevant departments of the Hong Kong government that have the power to supervise the registration of the association.

Chapter X   Disband
Article 27:
27.1. If the Association needs to disband itself, it must be approved by more than two-thirds of the total number of members of the Executive Committee.
27.2. If there is any debt after the dissolution, all assets shall be used to settle the debts. If there is no debt after the dissolution or there is a surplus after the debt is settled, the assets shall not be distributed to any person and shall be donated in full. To the Hong Kong Community Chest or a charity recognized by the Hong Kong Government.

US-China Intellectual Property Association