SIAS International University

SIAS International University, founded in 1998, is the first American owned post-secondary school in Central China, affiliated with Zhengzhou University and Fort Hays State University of Kansas. The primary goal of SIAS International University is to promote the economic development and modernization of China through global education programs that combines both Chinese and Western teaching philosophies. The programs at SIAS foster innovative thinking, cultural exchanges and promote bilingual learning. SIAS has grown into a major campus with 26,400 students, offering sixty-seven undergraduate degree programs, and is the first undergraduate institution approved to grant American and Chinese bachelor’s degrees. It has become one of the top ten most influential foreign owned universities in China.
SIAS International University’s vision can be attributed to the work and dedication of its founder and the support of the SIAS Foundation’s board members. Dr. Shawn Chen has been integral to the past, present and future success of SIAS, acting as the founder and Chairman of SIAS; he has overseen the building and operation of a large and innovative campus that combines elements of East and West into one harmonious environment. Apart from his strong background in education, he is also well known for his work in bridging gaps between the US and China, often personally leading official trade missions to each nation.
The SIAS International University possesses both the material and personnel quality to create strong international student bodies that are ready to address the domestic and global challenges in the future. SIAS has partnerships with dozens of universities from around the world, becoming a mega center of cultural exchanges for the world.

Sean Chen, the founder of the SIAS International Village, holding the US China Outstanding Contribution Award, presented by Brian McElroy and Deng Tao, the President of the US China Business Association and the President of the Aurora Group, at the Third Award Ceremony at the Root of Shanghai, Snowflakes Lake Resort, Feb. 7th, 2015 in Shanghai.