Pan He

Mr. Pan He, famous Chinese sculptor, is one of the pioneers in modern Chinese sculptures and landscape sculptures. He studied Chinese painting in his early years from the Lingnan School of artists, and later became interested in building busts in Hong Kong, Macao and other places. He returned to mainland China after in 1950s, and worked as associate professor, and then professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, where he currently serves as a tenured professor. He becomes an honorary chairman of Guangdong Artists Association, and fellow of the China National Academy of Artists.

Mr. Pan He devotes himself to sculptural art and education for nearly seventy years. All of his sculptures are reflections of sentiments of the society. With realistic and artistic touches, he sings praises of the social progress and development. His sculpture is a poem of formative art, enticing and mesmerizing, a thorough and thought-provoking epic, which deserves to be read ever and again.

Pan He created more than 100 sculptures, which are standing on squares of over 60 cities. Many of his sculptures become treasured collection of national art centers and museums. Among them, the most famous pieces authored by Pan He are “Shenzhen Industrious Pioneers “, “Huaqing Hot Spring”, “Shanghai Longhua Martyrs” and “Guangzhou Wall of Nanyue Museum “. In 1980s after China started economic reform and opening-up, he advocated landscape sculpture and made it part of higher education in art colleges. He is a true pioneer of educational reform. Guangzhou municipal government funded a “Pan He Sculpture Garden” in memory of his unrivalled accomplishments.

Mr. Pan He is active in art exchanges around the world. He was a member of exploratory trips to many countries. In 1996, he served in the Advisory Committee of Olympic Sculpture Exhibition in Atlanta, USA. He also attended the 16th International Sculpture Conference in Boston. To commemorate the 30thanniversary of the Sino-US diplomatic relations, he created a large stainless steel sculpture “Verdure” with his son Pan Fen, which was installed in the International Sculpture Park in Hamilton, New Jersey as a permanent collection, testifying to the world the significant role cultural and artistic exchanges play to enhance the understandings and friendship between the two nations.
Mr. Pan He has devoted all his life to the art of sculpture and education, and made outstanding contribution in bilateral culture and art exchanges.

Pan He, holding the US China Outstanding Contribution Award, presented by Brian McElroy, President of the US China Business Association, at the Third Award Ceremony at the Root of Shanghai, Snowflakes Lake Resort, Feb. 7th, 2015 in Shanghai.