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USCN Membership

Members are the major organizational body of the US China Business Association (USCN). We rely our members’ contribution, cooperation and support to achieve our goals. Programs and projects that USCN initiates benefit our members, and we count on our members to fulfill their own obligations as well.

USCN memberships is structured to benefit people of all walks.You get benefits the moment you are approved to be a member of the US China Business Association (USCN). With discounts on products and services, and members-only access to information through our professional network, web site and journals, you will benefit right away. Included in many of these benefits are resources to advance your career, to benefit your business and to shape your outlook or change your life. Explore the many benefits offered to personal, corporate and organizational members.

There are eight different levels of membership at USCN, each with different obligations and benefits.Please review the membership eligibility and dues.
♦ Student Membership
♦ Individual Membership
♦ Professional Membership
♦ Sponsor Membershipr
♦ Corporate Membership
♦ President Circle
♦ Director Circle
♦ Chairman Circle

Join the USCN as a member organization today to enjoy the many benefits of membership that will help your organization stay competitive, grow your business, and make the best contacts in the US-China marketplace.Please review the membership benefits.

For a full list of USCN members, please click Member Directory.