Chinese Artist and Philosopher
Li Zhengtian, the artist and philosopher of global vision with significant proposition and strategic thinking, enjoys a very unique position in contemporary China. He is an exceptional scholar, artist and philosopher and a warrior ready to defend the truth with his artworks.
Li Zhengtian is the honorary president of the Institute of Contemporary Chinese Art, president and professor of the Post-Modern Research Institute, and professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
For nearly forty years of his philosophy and aesthetics education and art career, he writes books and proposes theories. He educated a number of influential artists and educators everywhere. His artworks and lectures on his philosophy, aesthetics and art have impacts at home and abroad, making positive contribution to the people around the world trying to understand Chinese culture.
During the Cultural Revolution, Li Zhengtian was imprisoned because he co-authored the article “the Socialist Democracy and the Rule of Law”. His sufferings during the Cultural Revolution infused him with endless artistic passion and vitality. His oil paintings “the Black Sun”, “National Soul” and “Ode to Life” are alive with insistent Chinese theme, but they proclaim the universal value of humanity: ode to life, freedom and democracy.
He is a man of remarkable courage and patriotic passion. After 1989 incident, there was a call for international sanctions on China, Li Zhengtian wrote letters to the U.S. Congress, and urged President Bush and later President Clinton unconditional extension of MFN treatment of China. Despite of the political persecution during the Culture Revolution, he stood up in defense of the national interest during the national crisis, he is a true example of patriotism for all Chinese.

Li Zhengtian, the Chinese Artist and Philosopher, holding the US China Outstanding Contribution Award, presented by Luis Rivera Marin, the Secretary of State, at the Fourth Award Ceremony at San Juan Convention Center, Puerto Rico, March 1st, 2017.