Chinese artist, won the First US China Outstanding Contribution Award 2010.

Huang Yong Yu is the patriarch of the Chinese traditional painting, a legendary figure of national promotional movie. His design of the first Chinese Zodiac Monkey Stamp and packaging of “Drunkard” brand liquor earned him a house-hold name.

The design of his residence “Ten Thousand Lotus Mansion” becomes a praise-worthy piece in the history of architecture. His artworks “Six Stories of Yong Yu”, “Eight Drunkard Immortals”, “Wu Shimang Forum” and “Along the Seine River all the Way to Florence” are renowned at home and abroad.

His artworks have graced the museums in Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and Southeast Asia, Mainland China and Hong Kong during their tour shows. He won “the Commander Medal” the highest honor in Italy. He is a genius literati and artist.

 Huang Yongyu, accepting the US China Outstanding Contribution Award from the team of the US China Business Association at his residence outside Beijing in May, 2011.