Deng Tao

Deng Tao is a famous Chinese tourist souvenir designer. He advocates diversity in promoting city image, and is skillful in blending the unique urban culture into tourist souvenirs. Tourist souvenir builds up to the culture of a city.

As the first World Leisure Expo gift planner general, he is responsible for the creation and production of all gift items, imparting Chinese culture to the United States and the world over.  Over 100 of gift items designed by him are collected by Hangzhou West Lake Expo Museum, the first theme museum to specialize expositions.

For five consecutive years, he is the only person of his industry to be included in the Chinese Business Annual. He is been interviewed by many major Chinese and American media outlets. He is adviser to many tourist cities and counties, and has become indispensable their publicity and development.

 Deng Tao, one of the winners of the First US China Outstanding Contribution Award in 2010, holding the award presented by Brian McElroy, President of the US China Business Association, at the Award Ceremony at the MBA Management School of Shanghai Tongji University.