Abiola Akintola

Abiola Akintola is a true hybrid of different art generations. Works by Abiola provoke contemplation of the recent past, the fleeting present and the unknown future. His works delve into multiple layers of meanings and virtual plays to create mystic auras and positive vibrations. In his works viewers enter a different realm of consciousness; a synchronistic and revelatory world of energy, spirit and emotion where spontaneous improvisation, music and poetry are the language spoken.

A resident of suburban Chicago, he is considered as one of the most innovative and dynamic artist in the art scene today. His works which evoke feelings of passion and spirituality, are an exploration into subtleties and nuances of male/female and human relationship, with creative forces that drive other art forms such as classical and jazz music.

Abiola is an artist who has found his own unique style for which he has been known as “The Green Revolution Artist” as he tries to make his environment cleaner by collecting soda cans he picks up on the street, shred them manually and then use them for his creations.

His works has been exhibited and collected extensively throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. His 2008 work “Beyond Parameters” was placed second in the United States Olympic Committee Sports and Art Contest organized by the United States Sports Academy. He served on the voting committee for the International Olympic Committee Sport and Art Contest in Lausanne, Switzerland. His portrait of President Obama in 2008 has won adherence by many collectors.

Abiola Akintola, one of the winners of the First US China Outstanding Contribution Award in 2010, holding the award presented by Brian McElroy, President of the US China Business Association, at the Award Ceremony at the MBA Management School of Shanghai Tongji University.