US China Business Forum


Activities: US Business Forum
TimeJune 15th, 2013 (Saturday) 2:00-5:00.
DinnerJune 15th, 2013 (Saturday) 6:00-9:00 (business networking events)
Location: World Trade Center Atlanta (303 Peachtree St NE # 100, Atlanta, GA 30308).
Participants: Public
Cost: $50 for the general public, $25 for members of the US-China Business Association, ACP and the World Trade CenterMember Price. A buffet, drinks and snacks included.

The advance of society and technology has gradually led to global economic expansion. Today, China and the U.S. as leader indeveloping and developed countries in the economic, trade and technological aspects, their dialogue and cooperation have become increasingly more important in the past 20 years since China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and was integrated into global economyTo promote and facilitate Sino-US economic, trade and technologicalexchanges and the development, the US-China Business Associationthe World Trade Center in Atlanta, the ChineseProfessionals AssociationGeorgia State University Confucius InstituteUS-China Investment Association of China-USBusiness Forum, jointly organized this event by welcoming the visiting Zhejiang business delegation headed by Mr. Chen Jiayuan, the Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province. The delegation was made up of key enterprises, such as Wanxiang Group,Zhejiang China Small Commodity CityWenzhou Chint Group and Youngor Group.

The China-US Business Forum on the theme “Dialogue with China” to discuss important issues, including trade, investment,technology exchange and intellectual property protection. The forum was sponsored by local giants such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola, UPS and so on.

The forum attracted nearly 500 participants from across the States who were interested in China and hoped to establishbusiness contacts with Chinese enterprises and individuals. It was a great business event.


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