Colin Wu Visited Peter Cheung, Director of Hong Kong IP Department


When: Thu, 8 Dec 2011
Location: Hong Kong

Colin Wu, the executive vice chairman and president of the USCN China Branch, visited the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department in downtown Hong Kong, accompanied by Dr. Alex Lau, manager of the IP office of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Victor Chan and Amanda Ling, senior financial analysts of AIA. Peter Cheung, the director of the IPD in Hong Kong met with the group and had lively discussions on setting up an IP exchange in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has made considerable achievements in IP protection, IP assets management. Peter Cheung expressed his desire to introduce the IP exchange platform to Hong Kong during his term in office.

Colin Wu, from Chicago, helped Shenzhen set up its Innovated Technology and Property Shares Exchange in the past two years. He said that New York is well-known as a world financial center, and Chicago is the world center of innovative financial services, being the birthplace of CME, Forex, CCX and IPX etc. Wu explained in details the five different sections of work in an IP exchange. Hearing that, Peter Cheung was very happy and excited. He invited Mr. Wu to be the key-note speaker at the IP Forum in 2012 Hong Kong Design Year. Colin accepted the invitation with great pleasure and expressed his intention to help bring to Hong Kong the most sophisticated and innovative exchange in intellectual properties. They had a group picture after the meeting.


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