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Chapters in USA

The East Coast Region
Contact: Johnny Smithe
Email: johnnys@us-cn.org

The Northeast Coast Region
Contact: Maria Magdison
Email: mariam@us-cn.org

The North Region
Contact: Collin Wood
Email: colinw@us-cn.org

The West Coast Region
Contact: Matthew Keller
Email: matthewk@us-cn.org

The South Region
Contact: Brian McElroy
Email: brianm@us-cn.org

Other Region
Contact: Carlos Mandelez,
Email: carlos@us-cn.org


Formation of the US Committee
and the US Conference of Representatives

Each state can contribute as many representatives as possible to be members of the US Conference. Each state may elect five commissioners to coordinate the works with the USCN and other local chapters for a term of term years. Under each region, five commissioners from every state shall elect two commissioners (per region) to form and serve in the supreme Sino-US Joint Committee for a term of two years. They may be re-elected for another term with no term limits.


Leadership of the US Committee

West Coast

Matthew Keller, Wayne Brown


Brian McElroy, Todd Smith


Colin Wu, Kelly Johnson

East Coast

Roel Campos, Johnny Smithe

NE Coast

Maria Magdison, Joe Mancusoe


Carlos Mandelez, Juan Antonielle